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Side Effects

Phentermine medical effects on the older adults - little testing has been completed for the use of Phentermine for the elderly. While those who are obese can use Phentermine to help lose weight, the side effects for those over sixty are not known with the detail some users might like to read and learn from.

Phentermine medical effects on the small or youth - there is incomplete results for testing completed on young children, as young children are not suggested to take this medication. Obese children should not be using Phentermine in a diet plan as the effects could be detrimental.

Phentermine medical effects on those who are pregnant � Phentermine is a strong medication that women who are pregnant or those who are nursing should not use under any situation. Phentermine is not a diet aid for women who are pregnant.

Are you having trouble sleeping?

If you are still having problems sleeping when taking one Phentermine a day, take your Phentermine eight to ten hours before your scheduled sleep time, or when you are going to go to bed. If you are taking more than one dose of Phentermine a day and having problems sleeping, be sure to take your last Phentermine dosage at least four hours before your scheduled sleep time.

Are you having stomach problems?

Phentermine can be taken with a glass of milk, juice or water to lighten the problems and effects of using medication on an empty stomach with out interrupting your weight loss plan.

Are you still feeling a bit hungry?

If you are using Phentermine and you find that you are still hungry often, consider taking tablets instead of capsules. The capsules are a fast acting medication, but the pills are going to last longer all through the day, giving you the best results in stopping hunger.

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